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Outdoor Training

Aim of the Outdoor Training is that the participants could experience a highly intensive emotional activity and feel like one big company team.

A formula that, just in some hours, surprises for its capacity of shortening the distances, strengthening relation, energizing and, last but not least, bring coworkers and managers to have fun together!

Outdoor Training is a formula that proved itself effective for groups of every nationality, age, gender and professional position. An intense rhythm, a lot of various activities, great interaction with one another and fun are the main ingredients of this format.

This kind of team activity is a good mean to know each other and/or enhance mutual knowing in unusual, original and funny ways. Will be proposed activities that will permit to build bonds between participants through body contact, stimulating collaboration, self-confidence and trust. Outdoor activities don’t let anyone to remain aside. Everybody must participate to the team work to gain the common aim!

But what do the team really do during a Outdoor Training?

Problem solving activities

The activities can be done in the city or in natural environment. There are a lot of challenges to face. The teams must reach a goal, find the solution of a problem, abiding by some precise rules. They will make it through obstacles, engage a challenge with themselves and others, rush in a race agains time. All of it in using creativity and the infinite resources that the team possesses, often without being aware!

Our problem solving activities start with a briefing and a situation in which there are:

  • a goal to reach or a problem to solve
  • limited resources
  • a strict deadline.

This is important in order to simulate and observe in a neutral context personal, relational and decisional dynamics.

In the end there is a debriefing, essential to explain to the participants what happened during the activity, observing which attitude proved itself convenient to the team and which was disadvantageous. In this way we can increase the commitment and the dedication to the company.